Google has taken a big decision, Ad Sense Add is now closed

Google has taken a big decision, Ad Sense Add is now closed

Yes friends, you saw right that now you do not see Google Adsense add on your blog or website

As I already told you that Google did something to change their rules
their ads will no longer appear on their blog
Friends, if you want to know how to overcome this problem, then you stay with me in this post,
I am going to tell you every information
So stay with me,
Friends as said by Google, users who are using Google's old ad unit, it will not be valid on
21 September 2019
For this, you will have to go to your Google Ad Sense account again, now there you will
see the option to create 5 types of ads. 

And now you can also resize your ad with the same

Now you will get three types of views for the size of the add

1-Square 2-Horizontal 3-Vertical

Friends, in these three, you can select any of them and select create option
Friends, if you want me to tell you how to make it too, please comment and tell Us

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